Freelance Web Developer Jukka Hyytiälä

Do you need an experienced developer for a new project or to maintain an existing system? Are you looking for a full-stack developer who also has business skills and an understanding of user needs?

I am Jukka Hyytiälä, a full-stack web developer with more than 8 years of work experience. I know several programming languages and technologies, the best of which are React, TypeScript, Node.js, SQL, Scrum Master, and Team Leading.

Let’s code simple solutions to complex problems.

Kuvassa Jukka Hyytiälä.

I am available for the next project on July 1, 2024.
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Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer Jukka Hyytiälä 

I’m Jukka, a full-stack web developer from Kalajoki, Finland. I started working as a software developer in 2015. I currently work as a freelance web developer through my own company.

I describe myself as a social introvert. I mainly work alone, but sometimes it’s nice to meet colleagues face-to-face. I am primarily looking for remote work and preferably a full-time project where I can focus 80-100% of my working time.

This is how I work as a freelance web developer

I know several programming languages and technologies. The strongest ones in my stack are React, TypeScript, Node.js, and SQL. In addition to them, I’m good at e.g. PHP and Symfony. I am also a Certified Scrum Master.

In addition to technical skills, a good freelance web developer also has an understanding of business and user needs. In my own solutions, I combine business requirements with user needs. As a full-stack developer, I can handle not only the big picture but also the small details.

My goal is to develop efficient and as simple as possible solutions to complex problems. My way of working brings an undeniable advantage in the long run: clearer code is easier to develop and maintain, and the system is less prone to bugs.

Full-stack Developer creates more efficient solutions

Hiring a freelance web developer is an investment that pays off in more efficient operations. For example, in these solutions I implemented at Oima, my work has been very useful:

I programmed the integration into the invoicing software, with which the invoicing information can be imported into the software automatically. The company saves 25,000 euros per year because data transfer no longer needs to be done manually.

I made a function in the payroll software that allows you to bypass the automatic payroll calculation if necessary. Thanks to that, payroll accountants are able to make unusual payroll calculations themselves right away. The function saves working time up to several working years.

As a full-stack programmer, I enjoy solving technically challenging problems. My projects have included both the development of new applications and systems and the updating of existing ones.

Jukka is good at working independently but he is also a good team player. He is always thinking about how to improve things and understands customer needs too. – Client 

Jukka can handle not only technical details but also business and user needs and the big picture extraordinarily well. He doesn’t over-engineer things. Instead, he is looking for the most straightforward solution to the problem. – Colleague